A Deep Work Retreat in the Czech mountains

for developers, creative professionals, artists and digital nomads
open since 2015

We are renting our house with a garden to creative people, who need a place for their deep work and quiet concentration. If you are writing a book, pivoting your startup, painting or developing a new app, let this be your sanctuary. And if you need a rest, you may take a walk or hike, relax in the local spa, dine in the nearby pub or brewery, all within 10 minutes on foot. The house has a high-security main entrance and windows, high-speed 30 Mbps WiFi, height adjustable tables and accommodates up to 8 people with everything necessary to work without distraction for weeks or even months.

You'd be renting a place with privacy and Holy Peace included. power of nature & internet

You can rent the whole house for only €119 per day (1-3 people), or €219 for teams.
The minimum stay is 7 days, and the house accommodates up to 8 people.
To book your stay, send us an email at:

You may also follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Once in a while we give away free “staypendiums” to a winning contestant with the most promising project proposal. We also love to spread the word about the achievements of our wonderful guests.

When is our Retreat available?

About us

Robert Vlach

 “I got the idea to open a deep work retreat in the heart of the Beskydy Mountains in autumn 2014. I had offered our house for free to creative people on my Facebook page and I was stunned by the huge response. Dozens of them wrote to me about their projects and I realized that such a place would be in high demand in Czechia. While such retreats can be found elsewhere in Europe, this still hasn’t really become part of any modern tradition in our country. And because we were spending so much time abroad as digital nomads and our house was mostly empty, we decided to open a retreat of our own.”

Lenka Paprok

 “I am renting our flat in the Ostrava City center through Airbnb to travelers, who come to visit The Colours of Ostrava music festival or the industrial architecture heritage site in Vitkovice. I enjoy hosting guests from all around the world so much that I have jumped on the idea to host developers, entrepreneurs, artists and other creative professionals in our house in the mountains. I take great care in preparing everything you could possibly need before your arrival, so that you can start working right away at full speed. Even if we are abroad, you can always reach me by phone or email and my local assistants are ready to help you if necessary.”

What does it look like

Our Guests

Map of the Area with Our Favorite Highlights

Your Playboard

The entire house with a garden just for you
High-security entrance door protects your stuff
Security windows throughout the whole house
Big garden with sitting area and BBQ space
Terrace for exercising or sleeping outside
Heating with wood in a fireplace or electricity
Holy Peace™ and 100% privacy
30 Mbps internet upload-download; 4G coverage
Powerful WiFi router for a team work (2,4 + 5 GHz)
Lots of table space, 3 height-adjustable tables
Outside tables with benches for working outside
External 24" LCD, big whiteboard and flipchart
Storage space for returning guests
Designed for digital nomads
Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem in the eastern part of the Czech Republic
Ideal base camp for doing hikes in the Beskydy Mountains ♥
Beautiful spot in nature overlooking the valley
Pub, spa, brewery and shop within walking distance
Train station is only 15 minutes away by foot
Parking space for your car(s)
Year round access by a maintained access road
Fully equipped kitchen with fridge
Dishwasher, dryer, washing machine and eco-detergents
Bathroom with shower, 2× WC
Second bathroom with bathtub in the basement
Garage space to keep your bikes and other big items
Rattan armchairs for lounging by the fireplace
Hand-picked library and board games for long evenings
Sleep spaces for 1 to 8 people
Two big double beds with quality mattresses (180 cm)
Futon double bed with a natural cotton mattress (140 cm)
Fold-out couch double bed (140 cm)
Quality wool covers and clean bedding
Quiet area without noise and lights
The communal room is separated from bedrooms
Pustevny (1:30 hours)
Skalka and Ondřejník (1:30 hours)
Radhošť (2:30 hours)
Kněhyně (2:30 hours)
Smrk (3:30 hours)
Kozlovice brewery (2:00 hours, another one)
Ostrava City (15 minutes walk and then 1 hour by direct train)
A stock of clean towels
A CD player with some selection of music
An outdoor electric grill and things for healthy cooking
Fruits from the garden (you may pick whatever you like)
Rent under the contract
The minimal stay is 7 days
Full advance payment with a refundable deposit
The price is per day (not per night as in hotels)
Pets are not allowed inside
The tenant is liable for any damage
We are selective and do not accept everyone :-)

It's Your Turn

You can rent the whole house for only €119 per day (1-3 people), or €219 for teams. Minimum 7 days.

Send your inquiry to along with a description of your project or work intentions.

Need to work hard? Take it deep… power of nature & internet

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